Syllabus Sports medicine and Exercise therapy


(tutor: Jiří Radvanský, M.D., Ph.D.)

Gives the basic overview of the role of exercise and sports during ontogenesis, in both primary and secondary prevention of diseases and in treatment.

Basic topics:

o) Exercise physiology and patophysiology

o) Exercise therapy, its role in the lifestyle modification namely in common civilization diseases

o) Practical training in exercise prescription and lifestyle modification

Short syllabus

1) Introduction

2) Exercise reaction and adaptation

3) Introduction to exercise testing. Anaerobic threshold. Main principles of sport training

4) Exercise testing lab – evaluation of exercise test – test yourself using latest exercise testing technologies

5) Top sports – health aspects, doping

6) Exercise and sport as a part of therapy and prevention

o) The specific role of exercise in metabolic cardiovascular syndrome and civilization diseases: ischemic heart disease diabetes mellitus, and obesity.

o) Recommended exercise prescription with respect to age, health status and physical capacity

7) Evaluation of sportsmen

8) Sports in handicapped

9) Effectiveness of exercise prescription: adherence

10) Sport nutrition

11) Practical advice training – virtual patients

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